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Light is an amazing source of energy - the energy behind almost everything that happens on Earth. Light from the sun illuminates the dark depths of space, makes plants jump, and (indirectly) powers our bodies. But did you know it can also help with cleaning things? In air purifiers that work using a method called photocatalysis, light energy initiates a process that removes various harmful air pollutants and instead turns them into harmless substances. For those with asthma and allergies, lightweight air purifiers like this one are another weapon in the fight for cleaner air and better health. Photocatalysis may sound very complicated now, but the way it works is relatively simple. Let's take a closer look!
Our photocatalytic air purifiers utilize the technology of photocatalytic oxidation. This type of filter focuses intense UV light onto a substance called a catalyst. The interaction of broad-spectrum UV light with our catalyst produces one of the most potent oxidative effects. Unlike oxidants produced by ozone air filters, the oxidants released by the process are 100% safe. Contact us.

What happens with Photocatalyst Filter?

Our cutting-edge photocatalytic oxidation air purifier products are not only safer than alternatives; they also help eliminate a wide range of air pollutants. Eliminating indoor air pollution can improve residential quality of life and business productivity. Many symptoms may be felt when indoor air quality decreases. Respiratory and sinus problems are prevalent in many buildings without air purification systems, especially larger buildings that rely on centralized HVAC systems.

The photocatalyst filter screen is made of nano-scale powder and a variety of nano-scale light-sensitive semiconductor media for lattice doping to ensure sufficient ventilation and contact, and then mixed with the carrier to effectively remove airborne particles. Harmful gases and odors such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, benzene, etc., can be decomposed into harmless CO2 and H2O, and it also has a bactericidal function. A catalyst that reacts with the participation of light.

Under the illumination, the surface of titanium dioxide forms electron holes and free electrons, combines with water and oxygen in the air, and undergoes a redox reaction, forming strong oxidizing hydroxyl radicals ( OH) and superoxide anion radicals (O2ˉ) on the surface. It can decompose harmful gases and some inorganic compounds in the air, decompose organic matter into CO2 and water, and inhibit the growth of bacteria and the activity of viruses, so as to achieve sterilization, air purification, deodorization and mildew prevention. Photocatalyst can effectively purify the air, sterilize and deodorize. The photocatalytic reaction that occurs in the presence of light will generate hydroxyl radicals on the surface. The strong oxidative properties of hydroxyl radicals can effectively decompose bacteria, and can decompose endotoxins produced by bacteria after death, without any secondary pollution.

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